Mocha Banana Bread

Trying to find space on my kitchen counter to photograph my food is tough. The area that gets the most sunlight is always strewn with things: my daughter’s drawings, grocery lists, cookbooks, library books, keys, the laptop and ipad. I don’t mind it much though; after all, the kitchen is the place that gets the most traffic in my home. It is where we hang out most of the time and where my kids first head to when they want to find me.

The above is a slice of banana bread waiting to be wrapped up and taken to work by my husband for his snack. Not just your regular banana bread, this banana bread is spiked with an ample dose of cocoa and coffee. I had a slice this morning for breakfast and it was one of the best things I have woken up to in a long time. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee and eating a slice of banana bread for breakfast, this is like combining the tastes of both in each bite. This is a shortcut I’ll gladly take as I usually have my breakfast standing up over the counter as I prepare my daughter’s school lunch and catch up on my emails.

I was inspired to make this by Nigella Lawson’s Italian Breakfast Banana Bread from Nigellissima. I did make Nigella’s recipe and although I found the texture a little too damp (rest assured that I did not underbake the bread), the flavour was awesome. Undeterred, I used my favourite banana bread recipe as the starting point and stirred into the batter my own concoction of two tablespoons of cocoa powder and one tablespoon of instant coffee that I dissolved in two tablespoons of hot water (from the tap). It was a great success!

The cocoa in the resultant baked bread was barely noticeable but I find it enhanced the flavour of coffee. Perhaps only in my mind. Regardless, I know for a fact that my banana bread tasted much better after an overnight’s rest. My husband and son loved it but my daughter not so much.

I feel that whenever I give a review of who eats what in my family, there is rarely a consensus and on the rare occasion when there is one, the recipe almost always involves chocolate. My kids are five and two years old – I hope this is normal. Please tell me it is.


3 thoughts on “Mocha Banana Bread

  1. I agree about the space for photographing stuff. I end up with bits and bobs all over the place and they get shoved to one side to try and get a good shot!
    This cake looks so delicious, and what a great combination of flavours.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Re taking of photos for the blog, I like to zoom in on the food so that the peripheral mess gets cut out ;)

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