My Favourite Lunch

Wheat berries with almond milk, sea salt and maple syrup

This meal, if you can even call this little bowlful, is so nondescript that it is most definitely not worth posting but I like to have it down on my blog because it is my favourite lunch. And as strange as it sounds – my husband certainly thinks so – it is also my son’s favourite. It is brown rice drowned in almond milk.

The picture above shows a bowl of wheat berries because it was what I made the other day for dinner. Speaking of which, my kids really hated the wheat berries – too chewy and too much of a bite? – so I don’t think I will be making it anytime soon. But really, short grain brown rice is my grain of choice.

When I make brown rice for dinner on any given night, I like to cook more than what I need and keep the excess in a glass container in the fridge. Over the next few days when I am ready for lunch, I heat up a good-sized portion of grains and almond milk (vanilla flavoured and unsweetened) in the microwave until it is hot, then drizzle over a little amber maple syrup and generously sprinkle over coarse sea salt before slurping it all up together with my son. I like this to be an aggressive mix of sweet and salty; there is absolutely nothing bland about my bowl of milk and rice despite its looks.

I know a lot of you will think this falls more appropriately into the breakfast category and indeed so; it is rather like oatmeal – grains cooked in milk and flavoured to taste. But I can never manage anything more than a piece of fruit for breakfast; I blame it on my son who wakes me up way earlier than the time set by my bio-clock and leaves me too groggy to work up an appetite for breakfast.

So this makes the perfect lunch for me. Something piping hot, a little savoury, a little sweet and super healthy.


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