I only recently came to making popcorn at home. The first time I tried making it a few weeks ago, I burnt it and my pot badly. This time round, it was a success. I find that adding the oil (I used grapeseed) and the corn kernels together into an unheated pot helps to prevent burning and the oil from overheating. Overheated oil might not necessarily taste bad but it gives off a yucky smell that signals an imminent kitchen disaster in my mind. Also, it is important to use a big enough pot so that you can evenly distribute the kernels to ensure that they lie in a single layer.

My favourite flavouring for popcorn is simply a little salt and sugar – just a hint of salty and sweet. No butter and nothing else. I added the sugar after the kernels have been popped, and the crystals didn’t melt in the heat and adhere to the popcorn. Most of it landed at the bottom of the bowl. Does anyone know how to get the sugar to melt so that it evenly coats the popcorn? Or should I be using a liquid sweetener instead?

My kids really loved having this for their afternoon snack. If I don’t have homemade treats like banana bread or apple cake for them to snack on in the afternoon, their favourite alternative is dried fruit with plain crackers or unflavoured corn puffs. When I served this bowl of popcorn to them, it went over very well. In fact, I never realised my daughter is such a popcorn monster until now. Which is good with me because I have a big bag of corn kernels left.

Anyway, I really like this photo that I took of my homemade popcorn. There is something about its whiteness and simplicity all captured in a bowl that appeals to me. I really like photographs of food where the true focal point is on the food; it makes me want to get into my kitchen to cook.


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