When Only Latkes Will Do


And that was the case for me this year on the first night of Hanukkah, sick with the flu and unable to muster up an appetite for anything.

It all started with my daughter, who caught a cold from one of her classmates in school a few weeks back, and the rest of us dropped like flies along with her. But that didn’t dampen our Hanukkah spirit and our love of all things fried.

Instead of sipping on hot honey and lemon drinks to sooth my ravaged throat and congested nose, I feasted on sufganiyots (jelly donuts) that my lovely husband went to get from Harbord Bakery, whose caramel donuts are to die for. If I were of better health, I would have fought my kids for every last bite. That’s how much we love them.

And for dinner, we had the above latkes, made from a Joan Nathan recipe which can be found here. Unfortunately for us, we don’t own one of those food processors with a grating blade so my husband gallantly stepped up and volunteered to grate four huge Russet potatoes by hand. Of course, I couldn’t refuse an offer like that.

Was it worth it? Of course it is. How can fried potatoes ever be not worth it? And now I’m back to sipping hot honey and lemon drinks.


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