A Ruby Red Cake

I’ve been away from my blog for a very long time. Renovations; packing; moving to a new home; unpacking (unsuccessfully); settling in (somewhat); spending time with visiting family – these are just some of the things that have kept my attention focused elsewhere and as result, my blog has taken a backseat. I do hope to rectify this boo-boo as I find the daily ritual of sitting down to write or edit a new post strangely therapeutic.

Oh, but I’ve been cooking and baking throughout it all as I have always done so – my kids would disown me if I didn’t. In fact, I am very proud of the fact that I managed to cook dinner on our second night in our new house. Nothing fancy, just plain old pasta with frozen spinach, peas and white wine; but the familiar act of cooking and gathering our kids to the dinner table for a big pot of pasta was just what was needed to make our new house feel like a home.

We’ve had many great meals and lots of baked treats in the last few months but I simply didn’t have the energy to snap a photo and blog about them. In fact, I only recently dug out my camera from one of my unpacked suitcases littering the floor of my bedroom. Not to mention, my new house is embarrassingly lacking a space that I can work from. That is certainly something that I have to rectify ASAP, along with an entire slew of house-related boo-boos (hello, broken sewage pipe).

Anyhow, writing this blog post feels good. It has been a great Fall so far and I couldn’t be happier weather wise. In my kitchens old and new, I’ve been cooking and baking with some of the best produce that Fall brings – pumpkins, squashes, apples and cranberries. This cranberry bread from Martha Stewart is  my latest cranberry offering to my family table. Very easy to whip up and only slightly sweet, it is just the perfect cake to snack on and my kids love it (well, it’s cake after all). And all the ruby red cranberries dotting the cake make it very pretty to look at too.

I sure hope to be able to write a new post soon. Til then, have a Happy Halloween! I have not decided what exactly I’ll be making, but I will be baking some ghoulish treats for my kids, something that, hopefully, does not involve too much food colouring.


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