Marge Granola Formula

I routinely bake a batch of granola every other week that I never thought much of blogging about it. I suppose it is because I always make it in such a haphazard fashion and can never strictly follow a granola recipe. Just like how fried rice is commonly seen as a vehicle to using up leftovers, I see making granola as a chance to use up all the bits of nuts, seeds, grains and dried fruit I have lying in my kitchen – the scant handful that is too little to use in another recipe yet too wasteful to throw out.

But this time, I followed a recipe and it turned out so amazing that I’m sticking to this formula until another genius comes up with a granola recipe that tops this one by Megan Gordon of Marge GranolaIt is not so much a recipe as it is a formula and the flexibility is what I love about it. Use any nut, seed and dried fruit of your preference and the combination of olive oil, maple syrup and salt will work their magic in the oven to produce a granola that is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. This is pretty much the ideal food for me on days where I can’t decide whether I want to have something sweet or savoury for breakfast or for an afternoon snack.

Another tip I picked up from the recipe is not to disturb the granola as it bakes in order to get the desirable clumps. Those clumps of granola are so conducive to picking, it’s like munching on crunchy oatmeal cookies but much better. This is really such a great sweet “treat” for kids and since my son can never resist granola, I will enable his addiction as long as he wants me to. My husband, though, is the chief granola eater of our household and I make granola for him so he wouldn’t have to subsist on things like Crispix and Corn Bran Squares every morning.

This granola is truly delicious. Do give it a go if you haven’t already. It is one of the things that get me out of bed every morning.


6 thoughts on “Marge Granola Formula

  1. I also use the maple syrup/olive oil combo but have upped the ratio of oats to nuts/seeds over the many, many batches of granola I’ve made in recent years. I haven’t tried not stirring, though–that makes me a little nervous. :)

    1. If you like clumpy granola, not stirring is definitely the way to go. I actually like better not having to stir the granola every 10min! But I’m just lazy like that ;) Oh, and set the oven to low, like 325F, so the granola won’t brown too quickly without stirring.

  2. I am guilty of snacking on those clumps of granola.I’ve always wanted to make my own granola but I don’t know why I have not gotten around doing so..I’m going try this recipe.. I happen to have a stash of nuts and dried fruits..

      1. just to report back..I just made the granola.. it’s fabulous! I ended up stirring them every 15 mins so I didn’t end up with clumps..but it’s perfect with greek yoghurt. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to store-bought varieties! Thanks for sharing!

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