Garlicky Anchovy Fried Rice

We love the vegetable fried rice we get from Chinese restaurants and try as we may, we can never seem to replicate the taste at home. Undoubtedly, the grease and the aggressive seasoning have a major role in making it so good. In any case, I oomph up my vegetable fried rice at home by adding a tin of anchovies and copious amounts of minced garlic. Not quite the same seasoning as that from Chinese restaurants, but the big flavours are there.

While I’m at it, I also like to oomph up on the amount of vegetables (the more the merrier!) and cut back on the oil, soy sauce, salt and sugar. Okay, so I get why I can never produce the same kind of fried rice at home. But I feel better eating my home cooked version.

And see the grated carrots in there? It’s my new way of getting my daughter to eat carrots! I used to add diced carrots to fried rice and soups and she will diligently pick out every. single. cube. It truly drove me nuts. Then I introduced carrot in another form – grated – and she ate it all. It is another one of those inexplicable behaviours of early childhood that leaves me baffled yet thankful at the same time. Grated carrots are better suited for my 17-month old son too – they are easier for his toothless gums to digest. So, grated carrots are extra effort but they are worth it. As long as I don’t end up grating my knuckle.


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