Zucchini Brown Rice Burgers

This is the third burger I’ve featured on my blog this summer. I’m really happy with this one because it is the first veggie burger I’ve ever made and I loved it.

The recipe is from Food 52 and although it is long and by virtue of that, might come across as pretty daunting at first glance (for me at least when I first scrolled through it), making the burgers wasn’t that hard when I actually got down to it.

And if you are new to making veggie burgers from scratch, I highly recommend reading the article that comes along with the recipe; it gives a succinct lowdown on the ingredients a good veggie burger should be made from. Hence armed with a formula to craft your own veggie burgers at home, you can proceed to launch a hundred different versions to suit your tastes and fancy. And that was what I did.

For my veggie burger, I replaced quinoa with cooked brown rice as I already had a container full of it in my fridge. Flavour wise, I went Middle Eastern style and spiced up my burgers with dried coriander, cumin and paprika. As I was rather heavy-handed when pulsing the ingredients in my food processor, my patties turned out a little mushy. To salvage my burger, I layered on sliced cucumbers and firm ripe tomatoes to provide a textural contrast.

This was really delicious. And whenever something as healthy as this tastes so good, I feel really smug serving it to my family.


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