Farfalline with Yellow Squash and Cherry Tomatoes

Zucchini season is here and I can’t help but succumb to lugging a mix of glossy logs home from the farmers’ market every Saturday. They are such a versatile vegetable and I like how they can be easily incorporated into my meals. Plus, I love brightly coloured foods – by natural means – and am inevitably drawn to the cheerful yellow and green colour of zucchinis.

Zucchini is a hit or miss vegetable with my kids. They loathe zucchini roughly 99.9% of the times I have prepared it but when I shred it into little bits to fold into pasta or pancake batter, they just can’t get enough of it. And it goes without saying that whenever I serve it up in cake form like this, their zucchini intake increases exponentially.

For this particular meal, I decided to make a couple of handsome yellow zucchinis the star of the show by using only a few other supporting ingredients. I sauteed a couple large cloves of minced garlic in olive oil until they are lightly golden, added a pint of halved cherry tomatoes and let them sit in the heat just enough for them to wilt down a little. Following that, I stirred in two yellow zucchinis that I had coarsely grated, seasoned the mixture generously with coarse salt and pepper and turned the heat off as I like the vegetables lightly cooked. In the meantime, I had a pot of farfalline boiling away – for this dish, I used 1/2 pound of dried pasta as I like the ratio of vegetables to be equal to or more than the pasta. When the pasta was done cooking, I tossed it with the vegetables and sat my family down for a simple, delicious lunch.


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