Salmon Saturday

I like engaging my daughter in a conversation at the dinner table and one of my favourite ways is to ask her to plan a dinner menu for the next evening involving food that begins with the same letter to match the day. A common example would be “Taco Tuesday” – a tradition that my husband upheld all through his college years and in fact, he wouldn’t mind it one bit if we continued it. “Steak Sunday” is also another alliterated dinner menu he would love to be observed on a weekly basis. But as his luck would have it, our daughter eats a largely vegetarian diet and her suggestions are obviously limited to a myriad of vegetables.

If you haven’t tried this game before, it’s fun and for me, it helps solve the what-do-I-make-for-dinner-tonight dilemma. Try thinking of something for Thursday. That is a tricky one; there aren’t many foods that begin with ‘Th’. Never one to shy away from the easy way out, my husband is always tempted to resort to flipping through the index of one of my many cookbooks.

Because I love fish, I am always pushing for Salmon Saturday, salmon being my favourite. And that was what we had last Saturday. I bought a couple of hefty salmon steaks (I got the inspiration from Emmy Cooks!) and pan-fried them until they developed a golden crust and were perfectly cooked through to the middle. On the side, we had corn on the cob and broccoli dressed in sesame oil and soy sauce.

My son is too young to join in the fun – he is only 16 months old. But I think when he is old enough, he will enjoy racking his brains thinking of something wacky for his next dinner.


2 thoughts on “Salmon Saturday

  1. Meaty Monday
    Turtle Tuesday
    Wild meat Wednesday
    Trout Thursday
    Frog Friday
    Sausage Saturday
    Seafood Sunday

    Guess who came up with the menu?

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