Kale, Miso and Edamame Soup

In my kitchen, soups can be broken down into two broad groups: the smooth and creamy kind, and the chunky kind. Not unlike peanut butter. And as with peanut butter, I have no preference for one over the other; I like both. I have to admit, however, that the smooth and creamy soups that I make usually involve some brightly hued vegetable chock full of beta carotene (think sweet corn, carrot, sweet potato and all types of winter squash) and the sweetness it imparts can get too cloying for me at times. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for recipes that yield a smooth and creamy green soup.

I bought a huge bunch of kale from the farmers’ market with the intention of turning it into a smooth, creamy soup of a pale jade colour. But from a quick glance at my soup, things obviously didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. This green soup was born out of a mistake. It wasn’t very pretty to look at but it sure was tasty. Full of texture from the slippery strands of noodles, this soup was the complete opposite of smooth and creamy.

Initially, I set out making my soup the way I would any other; I sautéed an onion and some garlic, cooked down the kale, a couple of diced potatoes and edamame before adding water and miso to the pot. After a good twenty minutes of simmering followed by a thorough whizzing up with my hand blender, I realised that I had been too heavy-handed with the water. I decided to throw in a cup of short cut pasta to thicken it and to add substance, giving the soup an entirely different character than I originally intended.

It worked perfectly (!) and dinner was salvaged from what looked like algae water to a sort of green minestrone. Actually, it still looks kind of like algae water, with noodles.

Now, on to my never-ending search for a smooth and creamy green soup. If anyone knows of one, especially one that involves kale, please alert me to it!


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