Salmon Burgers

Burgers make a frequent appearance in our family’s summer meals, and we like to make our own because a homemade version just tastes a million times better and is a gazillion times more wholesome than the processed patties you get from the freezer section at a grocery store.

There are three different schools of thought when it comes to the perfect burger in my household. For my husband, a proper hamburger’s gotta be made with beef. Always. And being such a meat lover himself, I think my 15 month old son would agree with his Dad, although he loves salmon with equal fervour as well. For my vegetarian daughter, naturally, a burger for her has to be made without meat. As for me, a homemade salmon burger is hard to beat – substantial and hearty yet not at all greasy and much lighter than eating a beef version.

The recipe for the salmon burger we made for dinner is by Paula Deen. Despite Paula Deen’s reputation as the purveyor of recipes for fatty, calorie-laden and unhealthy food, this recipe – which I stumbled upon after typing in “salmon burger” on the Food Network website – is surprisingly not all that and I love it. Each salmon patty is packed with crunchy diced bell peppers and lightly seasoned with soy sauce. I added thinly sliced scallions to the mix as I like a little mild onion flavour in my salmon burger. Next time, I would throw in some minced ginger as well.

I halved the recipe and still ended up with leftover patties which I froze for a future dinner. Just perfect.


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