Summery Corn, Pea and Avocado Salad

Don’t you just hate it when the avocado you spent $3 on turns out to be brown inside, hence uneatable and you have to throw out the entire thing? In the first place, I think it is insane that avocados cost $3 a piece. And to have to throw it out makes me mad, like #$&*@! mad!!

That was what happened when I made this delicious raw corn, pea and avocado salad from one of my favourite websites, Momfilter. The avocado that had been languishing at the back of my fridge for two weeks was brown inside and had to be trashed. Absolutely maddening, isn’t it? I suppose it was my fault for letting the avocado languish instead of mashing it up on toast (yummy!) or tossing it into this delicious salad for lunch.

So, when I finally got round to making this salad, it ended up with way less avocado than I liked it to be. It was still really delicious though, with crunchy bits of corn and peas interspersed with creamy rich cubes of avocado that have been freshened up with the juice of a lime and sweetened with a little honey. Perfectly balanced, as it should be. And with corn season at its peak right now, eating it raw like in this salad is the best way to go.

My children would have none of it; well, their loss and more for my husband and me. We had leftovers and despite the avocado, this salad kept well in the fridge and tasted just as good the next day. Surprisingly, my son changed his mind about the salad the day after and snapped up the leftovers. Even after having two kids, I can never figure out what’s the deal with the capricious minds of children. All I know is, I’m happy when my kids eat their veggies.


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