Anjum Anand’s Incredible Chicken Curry

There is no way to make a bowl of khaki coloured slush look appealing but you have to trust me when I tell you that this chicken curry is incredibly tasty and delicious. It is probably the best chicken curry I’ve made, and I’ve made a lot of them since I started cooking.

The recipe for it is by Anjum Anand. I recently bought one of her books, Indian Food Made Easy, and I’m totally in love with it. She has a knack for simplifying Indian cooking and making it easy for the home cook to produce complexly flavourful curries and dishes with minimal effort. I made her spinach pilaff the other night and it was a huge hit with my kids; they finished the last of the leftovers for lunch yesterday.

Having made curries numerous times before, I have learnt that the key to success when making curries is time. For one, giving the chicken pieces a night long sleep in a marinade of spices and yogurt makes for the most tender meat. And once the cooking has been done, letting the cooked curry sit overnight in the fridge makes for a tastier one; something about giving time for the spices to mingle and for the flavours to deepen. So, although the recipe doesn’t call for all the over-nighters in the fridge, I do it anyway.

I realise that making a simple curry for dinner then becomes a two day affair, but you’ll see it is well worth the wait when you tuck into such a delicious curry surrounded by a mound of fluffy rice. This actually makes dinner prep easier for me: all I have to do is cook a pot of brown rice and prepare a side of sauteed green beans while the pot of curry that has been cooked in advanced is gently reheating on the stove.


5 thoughts on “Anjum Anand’s Incredible Chicken Curry

      1. Thanks; I actually followed your link to her website, and I’m only a little embarrassed to say that I * already * bought one of her cookbooks on Amazon, and added another to my wishlist. : ) Thanks again for the recommendation!

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