Blueberry Tart with Brown Butter Crust

This season’s blueberries have been unbelievably good; big, juicy and sweet, they are truly nature’s candy. I love watching my toddler expertly pick each blueberry up with his pincer grasp and pop them into his mouth. He could go on forever. I, on the other hand, prefer to bake with blueberries than eat them as they are. Pancakes, muffins, pies, cakes, crumbles, scones; I like them all blueberry flavoured.

The blueberries I get at the farmers’ market are exceptionally big; they are almost the size of an olive. I bought a couple of pints and after reserving some for my son to snack on, I turned the rest into the best blueberry filling for a tart.

For the tart crust, I followed a recipe by Paule Caillat that I came across in David Lebovitz’ blog and, recently, in Food 52. The  recipe differs from the usual in that it requires you to brown the butter first before stirring flour in to make a dough. David Lebovitz warns that small cracks in the baked dough are normal and I thought I was prepared for them. But my baked tart crust came out of the oven as cracked as the Sahara and I had a sinking feeling for my blueberry tart. I frantically used the reserved lump of dough to patch the cracks up as best as I could (a useful tip offered by David Lebovitz) and crossed my fingers hoping that the blueberry filling will not leak out of the tart shell. It didn’t.

I’m not altogether sure I can taste the brown butter in this tart dough, but that aside, this blueberry tart is amazing. Seriously. Everyone who had a slice loved it. My daughter asked for seconds and I couldn’t resist either (we’re always greedy like that). I highly recommend any blueberry lover to make the blueberry filling for a tart or pie before blueberry season is over. Serve it for dessert, bring it to a barbecue, present it at a potluck as your contribution or just enjoy a big wedge for breakfast; either way, it will be delicious.


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