Cool Aid

The past couple of afternoons in Toronto have been so outrageously hot that stepping out into the sun makes my skin feel like it was a piece of steak being seared on a smoking hot cast iron pan. I’m just not in the mood to cook, let alone eat. If possible, I would totally be fine surviving on gelato alone. But I can’t go about setting such an awesome precedent for my kids, can I?

So, I made a white bean hummus as a dip for lots of cold, juicy and crunchy vegetables; a perfect dinner for a scorching day. Instead of chickpeas in your favourite recipe for hummus, try using a can of cannellini beans or white kidney beans. Or if you are lucky enough to have cooked beans lying around in your fridge, that would certainly take your hummus up a notch.

Another thing I did differently from my usual way of making hummus was to add a dollop of peanut butter in addition to the tahini. Yep, peanut butter; not from a Skippy jar but the freshly ground kind from my local health food shop. It accentuated the nuttiness of the hummus, which I like and will definitely add it again.

When my husband came home from work and heard that I was serving crudite and dip for dinner, “Well, thank goodness I had a burrito with carnitas for lunch!” was his immediate response.


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