Cappelletti with sausage, broccoli and basil

Mmmm, sausages… We love our sausage meat heavily spiced like a hearty Hot Italian or Chorizo, roasted with chicken or added to stews. It is the one true indulgence that my husband and I succumb to once in a blue moon. It’s not like we are uber health conscious or anything remotely like that; I mean, we don’t even have a daily exercise regime, which we really should. But we make an effort to eat less meat and more whole grains, less processed foods and more natural, wholesome fare.

To prove my point, take a look at what we ate on Friday night for dinner:

I will happily eat a bowl of brown rice with a mountain of green veggies sitting atop most days and thankfully, so will my daughter. But if I were to serve it to my husband and son without making it up to them by alternating meals with steak, roast chicken or sausages, they will stage a revolt at our dinner table. I am not exaggerating.

So on our weekly Saturday morning trip to the farmers’ market, I bought a few links of Italian sausages (both hot and mild) for our dinner. I decided to toss the crumbled sausages with pasta to appease my self-proclaimed vegetarian daughter. How does that work? Well, pasta is her favourite thing to eat on earth (she has never rejected pasta ever) and since the sausages are in large pieces, she will be able to fish them out easily. Everybody’s happy.

A healthy dollop of grainy mustard, some minced garlic cloves, a glass of white wine and a large handful of basil leaves – all these were strewn into the frying pan, creating layers of flavour for the pasta, making the kitchen smell good and everything so delicious.

And look, broccoli! To contribute more green to our dinner, I couldn’t resist throwing in some small florets of broccoli. Now, this is what my husband and son call a balanced meal.

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