Apricot and Plum Cobbler

Apricots are best, in my opinion, when baked into a tender cake, flaky pie or made into jam. I’m sure an apricot at its prime and in a perfect world tastes absolutely divine, but the apricots I get from the supermarket are rarely good eaten raw. They are either crunchy (a big no no) or are so tart that I feel like I’m sucking on a lemon. These supermarket apricots are usually destined to be enrobed with a crumble or cobbler topping in my kitchen.

The recipe for this cobbler topping is one I found from one of my favourite food websites, Epicurious. It is my go to place to seek inspiration on what to cook for dinner; I can spend hours poring over the recipes. The reason why the cobbler topping looks so brown in the picture is because I replaced all-purpose flour for whole grain spelt flour. It still tasted good. However, I had gooey bits of batter that were left unbaked on my fruit. Perhaps I should have kept it in the oven for longer.

The baked wedges of apricots and plums were the best part of this wholesome dessert. I sweetened the tart fruit ever so slightly with a couple of tablespoonfuls of vanilla sugar; they just needed that little bit of help. Leftovers, lightly warmed up, make for a mighty fine breakfast; my son and I had some this morning.


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