Flatbread with Hummus and Roasted Vegetables

First of all, I shall start off by declaring that every component of tonight’s dinner is proudly homemade. On a weeknight! Yep, the roasted vegetables, hummus and flatbread. I must be crazy!

Sometimes, when I’m at my most frantic in the kitchen trying to get dinner on the table, with my son crying his head off begging to be set free because he hates being cooped up in his play pen and my daughter yelling repeatedly for my attention because that is just what she likes to do, I stop whatever I am doing and wonder, what the heck am I doing making bread? It’s not like I can’t buy a decent loaf from the bakery nearby.

This can be applicable to any task I choose to undertake in the kitchen and not just limited to baking bread. These tasks always involve dirtying my two hands (with oil, sticky dough, butter, raw chicken – you get the idea), which then makes it difficult for me to step away to tend to my needy kids, who seem to have the uncanny knack for calling for my help whenever my hands are dirty.

But today, I decided to go ahead and make flatbread from scratch because the recipe by Jamie Oliver looked so easy on his website. Check out the step by step photography. Looks so simple, right? But I forgot the part about having to roll out 12 balls of sticky dough into saucer-sized rounds before I embarked on this bread making project. I got flour everywhere on my counter and had dough sticking to all my fingers; washing up was a nightmare. But hey, I had 12 delicious flatbread that my family gobbled up gratefully! That made the cleaning up all worthwhile :)

To go with the flatbread, I roasted a tray of cauliflower florets, cubed potatoes and wedges of onion and seasoned them with a generous spoonful of curry powder and olive oil, which made everything so beautifully golden. I also made hummus to spread on the flatbread. My husband and I made a wrap for ourselves while the kids had their hummus as a dip for their flatbread and vegetables.

The effort for tonight’s dinner was great, but it was well worth it. We finally succeeded in getting my daughter to try hummus for her first time! What was she thinking rejecting such deliciousness for so many years? I hope we have set her on the right path now ;)


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