Roast Salmon Dinner

Our Saturday night dinners almost always include fish. And the fish of our choice is almost always salmon. Sometimes, I get the “Oh no, not again” buyer’s remorse right after purchasing the slab of beautiful coral fish from the fish monger. But that remorse immediately dissipates with the first bite of the tasty, moist and tender salmon. Splurging on wild sockeye salmon is definitely a treat that is worth every penny.

I try to cook salmon in different ways to squelch any fear of boredom that may arise from eating it every Saturday. I have turned it into fishcakes. I have had it roasted and drizzled with a tomato basil oil. I have added it to a fish stew. I have also marinated it in a super delicious homemade teriyaki sauce. There is no favourite way to eat salmon; it is just that good.

For tonight’s dinner, I simply roasted a slab of wild sockeye salmon of the deepest coral imaginable and drizzled it with a tomato basil oil to serve. I also made a salad of mixed lettuce leaves with a lemon shallot vinaigrette. My husband was in charge of the potatoes; he tossed baby potatoes in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, fresh thyme leaves and coarse sea salt, and roasted them for an hour, occasionally taking them out of the oven to turn them. It was a huge success.


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