Bill Granger’s Chocolate-Caramel Slice

Time flies. It seems like only yesterday when my little baby started her first day in preschool, and I was nervously waiting for her outside her school at pick up time, wondering if she had fully gotten over her separation anxiety from me when clearly, it was me that needed to get over it. Fast forward a year later, she is all grown up at four years old, excited about going to school to see her friends and to learn things like writing, reading and the countries and continents of the world. She says things like, “I can’t wait to be 10 years old!” or “I can’t wait to be older!”, and while I can’t bear to deflate her child-like enthusiasm to be a big kid one day, it does make me nostalgically sad to hear her say those words. I look back at my children’s lives on their birthdays every year and seeing how much they have developed physically, mentally and emotionally within the span of a year never fails to remind me that time truly flies and before I know it, they will be 10; they will be older. This makes me want to give them a tight hug right now and never let go. I will, someday; but not now.

Now, on to these treats. I normally wouldn’t bake sweets like these bad boys and leave them lying around the house when in all probability, it will be me that ends up eating them all in the course of three days. To avoid setting myself on this path of self-destruction, I only bake such rich treats whenever an opportunity arises that requires me to produce a  treat for a crowd. That way, I get to enjoy a tiny piece before packing the rest up to give away. Perfect arrangement.

The bad boys I’m writing about here are little one-inch squares of chocolate and caramel set atop a crumbly shortbread crust, known either as chocolate caramel slice to some or millionaire’s shortbread to others. Chewy, gooey, oozy, salty, these little squares look cute but are lethally rich. And I speak as someone whose tolerance for sugary, lush and often diabetes-inducing desserts is pretty high. The recipe for this chocolate caramel slice is by Bill Granger and can be found on the Bon Appetit blog.

Yesterday was the end of the school year concert organized by my daughter’s school and we offered to bring in a plate of snacks for the children. I immediately zeroed in on this recipe because it has shortbread (!), caramel (!!) and chocolate (!!). What is there not to like?


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