Open-Faced Fresh Blueberry Pie

I am so proud of this blueberry pie. Why? It is my first attempt at making a pie.

It’s edges are not perfectly crimped. It looks obviously home spun, ie. ugly. The pastry didn’t get the requisite hour of refrigeration prior to baking. But this blueberry pie tastes so good. The crust turned out deliciously flaky. It is filled with a juicy, sweet-tart blueberry filling so perfectly balanced that you wish all raw blueberries taste like that. The majority of the blueberries in the filling were not cooked, which contributed to the freshness of taste and the pop of juiciness you get with each bite.

My 14-month old son, Russell, loved it. He threw a fit when we wouldn’t allow him a third helping. I didn’t think we were being all that unreasonable.

The credit all goes to Rose Levy Beranbaum, to whom the recipe for this open-faced fresh blueberry pie belongs to. I found it after typing in “blueberry pie” in the search field on Epicurious. It is amazing what gems you can find after a quick trawl of the internet. And I am so thankful for the ratings and the reviews – I rely heavily on them. If there is anything that can convince me to make a dish, it is the positive, glowing and helpful reviews posted on websites like Epicurious and Food Network. Even good food photography doesn’t do it for me.


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