A Bean Stew with Rice

Tonight’s dinner is another Meatless Monday tribute – a vegetable bean stew served over sushi rice.

As my daughter is a self-proclaimed vegetarian, a rice-and-bean type of meal is a common occurrence at our dinner table. Not that it is any hardship for the rest of the family to be eating rice and beans with her, in fact, rice and beans are now on the comfort food level for me. My son loves beans as well; he loves picking them up individually with his pincer grasp and popping each bean into his mouth. As for my husband, well, let’s just say that rice and beans can never be a satisfactory substitute for meat and potatoes in his lifetime.

Nonetheless, this double bean stew was a great hit with him. I have made many bean stews since I started cooking, usually following a Mexican or an Italian recipe. This time, however, I decided to take it East wards and added Asian flavours in the form of sesame oil, ginger, miso and red chiles.

To make it a one pot meal, I added vegetables to my pot of beans; in went a mountain of chopped green beans and halved cherry tomatoes. Have I mentioned before that I love eating my veggies? I really do. No meal for me is complete without at least a vegetable or fruit.

I simmered the stew until the flavours melded together and the green beans no longer hold their crunch. The red chile proved a little too spicy for my kids, but it was perfect for the adults.


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