Amanda Hesser’s Almond Cake

Happy father’s day to the two fathers in my life. My very own father, and my husband, the father of our two beautiful children.

Like the previous years, I am unable to spend Father’s Day with my own dad in Singapore. So, I sent him a chocolate cake that I ordered online to sweeten his day, and I know it did.

Over here in Toronto, we ascended to the top of the CN Tower and enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the city. Lana had a lot of fun looking through the glass floor, down at the tiny world below her. I have forgotten what fun it can be to be a tourist and experience the joy of discovering a new place, even when being in your own city.

I am not a believer of buying a gift for my husband on Father’s Day – he doesn’t need an excuse to get presents in order to feel appreciated. Although I have to say, he really liked the card from Lana with the barely intelligible writing written by her four year old hands. What matters to him is spending time together as a family doing an activity that we all enjoy, all the more so as he rarely gets to do that on weekdays. Oh, but I baked him his favourite cake to eat. Surely, he is entitled to a sweet treat on Father’s Day.

The recipe for this almond cake by Amanda Hesser can be found here. The baked cake is supposed to deflate after it comes out of the oven but as you can see from the picture, that didn’t happen to mine. I also found that my cake needed a much longer time in the oven before the centre cooked through.

I have made this cake twice now. For my first try, I followed the recipe as written. This time round, I used 0% greek yogurt in place of sour cream (too lazy to go out and buy a tub) and simply used four whole eggs as I couldn’t be bothered to separate them. And well, my cake turned out just as good as it did on my first attempt! Make these two tweaks if you must, and your cake will be none the worse for wear.

This is a simple, honest, unpretentious, delicious cake that keeps very well and improves with age. In fact, I made it two days before to give it time to ripen and be ready to serve today.


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