Not Your Average Veggie Dog

Now that Summer is here, you can find hamburger, hot dog and slider buns in basically every grocery store. I cannot resist a soft bun that is amply studded with sesame seeds but I can certainly do without having a factory made frozen burger patty or hot dog sandwiched in it.

My husband used to put forth the veggie burger or veggie dog option to me as the healthier alternative to the traditional frozen variety. But no offense to veggie burger or veggie dog lovers out there, I find any factory made product plumped with fillers, regardless of it being made with meat or vegetarian-friendly products, equally unappetizing. How can they be otherwise?

Tonight, I stuffed hot dog buns with my version of a veggie dog – zucchini pancakes. Filled with a load of shredded zucchini, a thick slab of feta cheese and a generous fistful of fresh herbs, these pancakes are healthy, tasty, and truly befitting of the term, veggie dog.

The recipe for these zucchini pancakes is by Nigella Lawson and appears in her book, Forever Summer. I have made many delicious variations of zucchini pancakes before, but I particularly like how the paprika and dried mint provided an edge to these pancakes. A squirt of lime juice over the pancakes before eating is essential.

These zucchini pancakes contain feta cheese, but surprisingly, my semi-cheese phobic daughter did not mind that fact and inhaled five of them. My bread-loving son, on the other hand, was too preoccupied with his hot dog bun to bother with the pancakes. More for us, I say.


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