Bread and Jam

If you’ve never had homemade bread, you should bake a loaf and try it. It has a simple and honest taste that is not captured anywhere else. A homemade loaf tastes a world of a difference from one that you can buy from a bakery and needless to say, one that has been mass-produced in a bread factory. 

I developed a sudden urgent need for Russell, my 14 month old son, to have his first taste of homemade bread. He loves nothing more than bread and if he could have his way, he would choose to include it in all his meals for the day. That was what spurred me to bake a loaf of bread this Sunday morning.

The recipe for this loaf of bread is by James Beard. It is taken from his book, Beard on Bread, and he called his loaf a Basic Home-Style Bread, which perfectly describes it. I especially like it thickly sliced while warm from the oven.

Both my children love bread slathered with jam. They like it for breakfast and sometimes, an afternoon snack as well. There is something about serving homemade bread and jam to my kids for their snack that makes me feel like a supermom. This can only be a win-win situation, right?

Half of the loaf is already eaten. The rest will serve us well for breakfast tomorrow.


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