Garlicky Pasta with Broccoli and Tuna

For someone who didn’t grow up eating pasta, I cook a lot of it in my adulthood. It is nothing out of the ordinary to have pasta at least twice a week in our household. My pantry cabinets are spilling over with boxes of pasta of various cuts that I like to stock up on. My daughter requests for pasta more than anything else. Pasta is an integral part of our dinner repertoire.

Only five ingredients went into creating this simple yet tasty pasta dish: garlic, extra virgin olive oil, broccoli, really good canned tuna (preferably in oil) and of course, pasta. When you start off any dish by sizzling minced garlic in olive oil, you just can’t go wrong. Ever.

Admittedly, I do feel guilty that I am serving my family yet another hastily thrown together pasta meal with ingredients sourced from my pantry cabinets and refrigerator. But I always try to redefine the wheel by using the same ol’ ingredients to create different flavours so my family will not get bored with pasta.

 In fact, tonight’s creation is a spin on the famous pasta e broccoli: instead of the oft-used anchovies, I substituted canned tuna. And rather than cooking the broccoli until it breaks down, I left it just done to keep its vibrant green.

Look at the picture, all you need for a balanced diet is on the plate. And really, good canned tuna makes everything tastes superior.


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